Lake Hamilton Fishing in Hot Springs, AR

Are you looking for some of the best fishing in the state of Arkansas?

According to ESPN, Lake Hamilton is loaded with more fish per acre than any other lake in Arkansas. Today we’ll look at a few ways anglers can improve their chances of success when fishing on this beautiful lake in the heart of Arkansas.

Decide which kind of fish you want to catch.

Lake Hamilton contains a wide range of different types of fish, from largemouth bass to crappies. If you have a preference as to what you want to catch, you should settle on it and then figure out which part of the lake contains that particular type of fish. For example, the area just below Blakely Dam is usually stocked with plenty of trout. Further beyond the dam, you can find abundant populations of striped bass as well.

Plan out the equipment you’re going to use accordingly.

It’s always important to consider which kind of lures you’re going to use when you fish, but it’s especially important on Lake Hamilton. Where you set your line and what type of equipment you use could make all the difference when targeting a specific species of fish. Make sure your tackle box is well-stocked with everything you’ll need for a day on the lake.

Learn from the locals.

Part of what makes Lake Hamilton so great is that the fishing is so good that people aren’t shy about sharing tips with one another. If you need help figuring out where to go or what equipment to use, stop by a bait shop and ask your fellow fishermen. You can get tons of useful information from these seasoned anglers.

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